sábado, 27 de marzo de 2010

My first copics

I 've never been a fan of markers until recently. I always thought it was limited , that you couldn't do to much with, I know it's silly but for me markers always been a thing for been for pre-school.. Until I discover few month ago, the website of Mary Engelbreit, I was amazed to learn that she uses marker, at one point in her blog she talks about copics , so I decided that I will give a go. But in my town, there's no shops selling those copics, but I did buy some promarkers . And boy, was I wrong, there are endless ways to use markers, I just love it. Last month for my birthday , my hubby offered me some copics that he bought in the States, I was very happy but I was in middle of big project and there were absolutely no time to grab a marker and doodle. It's only almost 1 month later that I've been able to use it, I was getting desperate! But I must admit there were worth the wait, using them it's delightful, between the copic and the copic sketch, I prefer the last one, it seems to be smoother. And Ilike the fact that I can mix up the copics with the promarkers, even the blender pen.

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